About Us

“Our personal and social development need to be unified.
If they aren’t, our social change will be superficial,
and our self-development incomplete.”

Social Alchemy is a social movement for the honouring of both the authentic masculine and the authentic feminine. We support the development of local community, and are weaving a network of communities around the world.
Wherever we go support the co-creation of Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods, and bring them face to face – into deep community with each other – as well as working with groups of couples. In this way, we are contributing to the seeding of a new culture – a Social Alchemy.

“Imagine two lovers.
Imagine the energy-field between them.
Imagine a community in that energy-field.
Imagine a whole culture in that energy-field”

This ‘energy-field’ appears when The Authentic Masculine and The Authentic Feminine meet. This is why, if we want to create a new culture together, we need to shed the layers of disempowered, conditioned masculinity and femininity that we carry.

Social Alchemy began 15 years ago when it was called ‘Balance’. It was renamed Social Alchemy 5 years ago. We are now working mainly in the Spain.

To change we need each other. We need community. We need conscious, awake, heartful, empowered community. And ultimately, cultures are no more than networks of communities…

Social Alchemy was started by Mark & Elisabeth.

MarkMark Josephs

As a young man Mark renounced conventional education, eventually spending ten years as a Hindu monk. In his early thirties he ‘came down the mountain’ and became a successful businessman.

Still feeling uncomfortable, he saw a huge split in modern culture, which seeks to hide the deep, painful and exquisite journey of our hearts from public and political life.

In 1993, together with Elisabeth, he started the social movement ‘Social Alchemy’ – to bring together people who want to shape a new culture by honouring the feminine heart-dimension of life – while still honouring the clarity and potency of the masculine, as he saw it then.

Mark is the author of ‘Sex, Spirit & Community’(2000), ‘Intimate Freedom’ (2011), ‘A Call To The Revolution of The Heart’ (2011), and most recently “The Uprising of Man: A Proposal” (2017)

Now in his early 60´s, Mark´s vision of ´menswork´ underwent considerable evolution between 2010 and 2015, and in 2017 he launched a new project: One for One. The project aims to unite self-knowledge, ecology and social activism. You can visit it here: www.oneforone.men

ElisabethElisabeth Josephs-Serra

Elisabeth has inspired deep gratitude in the many, many people she has worked with. As a young woman she spent 10 years in India, immersing herself in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

On returning to the West she went on to study and teach Yoga, movement and meditation, before beginning extensive training in therapy at the London Institute of Psychosynthesis.

Elisabeth then ran a private psychotherapeutic practice in England for 12 years, and in those years also graduated as an M.A. in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy.

She is a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation, and is passionate about the re-empowerment of women – never seeing herself as ‘a teacher’, but always as ‘a sister’.

Elisabeth is Spanish by birth, and has travelled all over the world. She is a mother, a gardener, a dancer, and a fountain of wisdom and wildness, a namer of the unnameable, a bringer of acceptance to the unaccepted.