Cards by Clio Wondrausch

Clio’s studio at the end
of her garden looks out over a graveyard.
Sometimes when a fresh grave is dug, they cut into a seam of satin smooth clay which Clio likes to use for her pots and sculptures which are fired in the earth kiln by her studio. Down by the stream beyond the railway line, more rich coloured clay and stones are used for preparing the Earth Pigments for her paintings.

Clio’s cards are available in sets of 4 and can be viewed by clicking on an image. When you are ready to order please click here to return to the shop.

Set 1:  
Sacred Union
Snake Goddess
Silent Echoes
Offering of Love
Set 2:  
Heart of the Earth
Shoot for the Stars
Moon Magic
Set 3:  
Beloved Water
Beloved earth
Beloved Air

“My love for the Earth inspires my work.
I go to Nature to gather the materials
for pounding into paint : clay and stones
from hills and rivers, charcoal from the fire.

Matter ~ Mater ~ Mother ~ Mother of Creation

In painting I ask Her to guide my hand,
to celebrate the feminine, our sacred
connection to the land and to bring balance
to our wonder full world.”

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