Evenings for Couples

From the ‘Tao of Relationship’ series to the
‘Adventure of Intimacy’weekend workshops,
to private sessions – Joseph & Elisabeth
have established a reputation as deep and passionate pioneers of the
new vision of Intimate Relationship.


The masculine path and the feminine path are not the same. Each must find their own power – and bring it to the relationship. Their alchemy takes them both into a heightened intimacy, and a delight in being alive -awake, together, in the joy, the pain, and the mystery.

We live in an era of relationship breakdown, and many of us feel the need of a new vision, a new way. Joseph & Elisabeth are part of the wave of pioneers who share a new vision of Intimate Relationship, a vision in which both the masculine partner and the feminine partner are encouraged to stand in their full power – to take their space, to speak their truth – and from this empowerment – as long as they remain connected, and not oppositional (in other words, there is both love AND power), then alchemy happens – transformation, magic… they re-find themselves and awaken to the timeless beauty of existence.

In these Open Evenings Joseph & Elisabeth introduce couples to this new understanding of Intimate Relationship. In these sessions you will receive

~ a basic understanding of Social Alchemy perspective on masculine and feminine empowerment, and the transformative potential of Intimate Relationship

~ a personal experience of the way Joseph & Elisabeth support couples

~ a sense of the fundamental transformations which Joseph & Elisabeth feel these evenings would offer to your specific relationship

Open Evening dates to be confirmed.

The cost is £75.00 per couple for each evening.

If you need any further information please contact us here