The emotional memory that weighs down
women’s femininity (and also the feminine aspect of men), took
root 5,000 years ago with the rise of Patriarchy.
The feminine is now burdened with a memory of pain, shame, submission,
guilt, anger and victimhood.

Carved into woman’s memory is the fear of being ‘herself’. She has cultivated the role of being docile and submissive – to achieve that highest of ranks: historically being ‘a married woman’. And in modern times women continue to stand in collusion with or rebellion against the masculine. As women today we still seek value in the reflection of man.

This way of seeing has been imposed by a patriarchal belief system in which man becomes the central and only focus of woman’s devotion, and it remains seeded in our deep unconscious.

As long as the masculine remains at the centre of a woman’s psyche she will continue to lose herself – being controlled by ties of dependence upon, and rebellion against, men.

To reclaim our power we have to explore all of the parts of our femininity that have been repressed and oppressed by the emergence of patriarchy.

And whether we will be
received or not, we need to come into full and authentic relationship with our deepest feminine selves.

As women, in these pivotal times when we are on the brink of a planetary crisis, we are invited to meet again, in sisterhood, and to reclaim our waist-down energy.

Our cycle is the descending force that connects us with life’s cycles. As we meet again in sisterhood to reclaim our hearts, our bodies, and our connectedness, we set about bringing an end to the global epidemic of violence, objectification and shaming, and we heal the apparently irreconcilable split of the complementary masculine/feminine polarities.

The moon links us with the menstrual cycle, the symbol of our fertility, our bond with the earth, our mother. For millennia, by domination and control, we have been instructed to disconnect from this link, this sacred process and connection and belonging.
When we return and celebrate the phases and faces of the moon, we reconnect with our cyclical nature, with the feminine energy that has been flowing, beneath the surface of the patriarchy, ceaselessly throughout time, and all of its ancestral wisdom. When we connect with our moon cycle we connect with all women through time and weave feminine radiance once again.

As sisters we gather to be inspired, to be set free from the bonds of patriarchy, to enter into the fullness of being alive as women. We gather so that we can grow into our power & beauty, more & more as we age, and not shrink or allow ourselves to be discarded, made invisible or powerless because we lack the inner strength or outer support of The Feminine. Our gathering is A Call to Power, a call to remember who we are, and to support each other in standing in our fullness.

Our intention is to create a web of women in constant expansion, to grow and inspire one another and to move united in protection of that which we love, and that today needs us most – daring to embody the fullness of the authentic love we are, and stand as the reliable reflection that loves offers. Only then can we transform each other, and our beloved planet.

Connect with us…