Having refined his vision of gender work and social change over many years, Mark began a new project in the autumn of 2017: One for One. One for One is a project for men that aims to unite self-development and social and ecological activism. You can visit the website here:


The First Man is the part of us that is strong,
but can be cut-off.
The Second Man is the part of us that is gentle,
but can be weak.

Words can’t fully describe
the transformation I have experienced in going through the Initiatory Journey. It is fundamentally the most important thing I have done in my life…I finally came out of the darkness and stood up for myself and began reclaiming my power, wisdom and heart. I can now choose to step into life rather than be tossed around by it. I am now proud to be a man.

IT Programme Manager
Initiatory Journey 2009

The Third Man is not just a combination
of the strength of The First Man
and the sensitivity of The Second Man.

That’s crucial,
but The Third Man also has dignity.
He has dignity because he is
radically committed to himself.
He is ‘in-himself’.
He is following
his own heart’s deepest calling.


Pinciples that have been important to Mark´s menswork include:

1.    EVOLUTION – understanding male evolution, and how different masculine conditionings continue to move within us.

2.    TOGETHER – holding a collective – as against an individualistic – perspective. Not entering brotherhood only for our self-development. Seeing the bigger picture – participating in our collective evolution.

3.    HOMECOMING / CLARITY – developing clarity as to just how ´far from home´, i.e. lost in our conditioning, we are. And refining understandings to help us come home to ourselves.
Three areas that have been important to Mark are:
(a) consciousness/presence/spirituality (different men have different vocabularies for this)
(b) heart/feeling capacity/emotional maturity
(c) body/earth/sex/power.

4.   WOMAN – perhaps most importantly, this honouring of ourselves is not in opposition to women. Quite the contrary. We walk alongside each other, recognising our conditionings, supporting each other in our homecomings.

5.    COMMUNITY – on a practical level this means men and women meeting, and mirroring each other, and exchanging the gifts they have for each other. This can create magical, electric community. And cultures are no more than networks of communities…

6.    SOCIAL CHANGE – these brotherhoods and sisterhoods are part of a vision of social change – not just personal change. They are our participation in the creation of a new culture….