Mentoring for Men

These are one-to-one mentoring sessions with Mark.

Sessions are usually via Skype, they last “a generous hour” and cost £60 (concessions possible).

Mark adapts these sessions to the needs of the man concerned. But they are not just chats. They are experiential. After an initial session you can agree to a series of sessions, although a “one off” is also fine.

All sessions are fully confidential.

You set the agenda for the sessions, presenting the focus that interests you, that troubles you, that calls you.. Mark then adapts the Social Alchemy / Third Man Menswork undertandings and practices to meet your needs – all of this in a very personal way, as equals, as brothers, always basing himself on his own ongoing journey:

Please contact Mark at to arrange an initial meeting, or if you have any questions at all.


Click here to pay for your session.

Sessions are payable in advance. And the ‘cancellation policy’ is that you need to give 24hrs or more notice – then there´s no charge. Less than 24hrs notice – you have to pay the full amount. That said, Joseph uses his discretion, and doesn´t enforce this ‘policy’ as if it was some kind of law.