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Mark has refined his vision of gender work and social change, and will be launching a new project in the autumn of 2017: One for One. One for One is a project for men that aims to incorporate Mark´s learnings of recent years, and present them in a way that is more accessible to the majority of men. The website will be functioning from October 2017:

Tending the Fire

Responsibility and Receiving

There is no ‘TENDING THE FIRE – Responsibility & Receiving’ planned for the UK at the moment,
as we´re currently developing projects in Spain (
Here´s some info on the last Tending the Fire programme we offered in the UK.

TENDING THE FIRE is a journey to support men who have been moved by Social Alchemy’s menswork, and who want to explore the possibility of sharing it with other men.

“Over the years I have felt myself supported, profoundly, in my own journey, by offering Third Man Menswork to others. The more I have stepped into a sense of responsibility for others, the more I have received. Again and again responsibility has pushed me to introspect, and to close, ever-tighter, the gap between my theory and my practice, and to step up and embody, in my own way, the simple, powerful and soulful teachings of Third Man Menswork.
I have also experienced that on taking responsibility for helping other men, I have received the seeing and the strength I have needed in order to help them. On stepping forwards and saying “yes, I will do what I see is needed”, again and again, I have been given the connectedness to be able to share authentically about connection, the compassion to hold the unfolding of other men’s hearts, and the balls to challenge men to really go for it – and live their deepest knowing.
I am inviting you to share the responsibility for this menswork with me”.
Mark Josephs

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