How to be Naked with your Clothes On

The Profound And Precise Path Of Intimacy

Spiritual homecoming, and physical presentness, and love, are all dis-covered on the exquisite and excruciating Path of Intimacy. We see intimacy as ´a path´ – a path of self-acceptance and therefore acceptance of other, of self-seeing and therefore seeing of other, a path of self-love and compassion and therefore of love and compassion for everyone else.


We are not talking tantra here – we are not at all focused on sexuality – after all, most sex happens fully dressed, that´s to say – with all of our mental and emotional clothes on! No, we are interested, whether through intimacy with friends or partners or whoever, in Intimacy as a Practice that gradually enables us to be mentally and emotionally naked in front of others. We are interested in letting ourselves be-seen “warts ´n all”, in letting go of who we wanted to be and how we wanted to be seen, in letting our oh-so-painstakingly woven pretensions all fall away…

For this to be possible we work with rooting our deepest being in a place of Interconnection with All of Life, then, from there, we open to embracing our beloved, fragile humanity… and letting our humanity be embraced. Then, suddenly, there we are… together, two beings, two bodies, two hearts, two souls, both naked, both present in the moment, the infinite moment, open to ourselves and open to each other… in love… both free.

A weekend with Elisabeth Serra & Mark Josephs
There are currently no dates set for this workshop.
Ashprington Village Hall, Ashprington (nr. Totnes), Devon, UK.


Beyond Solitary Freedom and beings tossed about by our Open Hearts we´d like to invite you to join us to explore the possibility of Intimacy as a Path.

Everyone is welcome. No previous personal development experience needed. Just a willingness…

We will invite everyone to support us in co-creating a powerful, holding, open atmosphere within which everyone is deeply accepted for who they are – without any need to improve, grow, or heal.

Within this atmosphere we will use movement/dance, meditations, sharing circles and energetic/emotional exercises to empower and connect us all, and gently invite everyone to feel, value and express their own truth, their own direct experience of the moment, and receive others in their truths, their own experiences – and in this way meet each other in profound intimacy.

Our hope is that you will take the memory of these meetings away with you – not only as mental memories – but as living memories embedded in your flesh and bones! We will also share techniques and skills that will support you in re-connecting with them, again and again, in your everyday lives. We will also stay in touch in the weeks after the weekend, to help everyone with this integration.

We feel that the sacred beauty of the world is hidden from us by our own defensiveness, by our own fear. We walk through our everyday lives as if oblivious to the divinity and magic that surrounds us. And sometimes, yes, we get an inkling – perhaps when making love, or meditating, or listening to music, or while walking in nature – in fact, sometimes these glimpses seem to come at the oddest moments, while standing in the supermarket queue, or washing up! But can we learn to live there? Can Intimacy with ourselves, each other, and the moment itself, become a Path? Can Intimacy be a Path we choose? Can we dare to walk towards that place where we most long to be?

Yes, it takes courage and gentleness – great self-acceptance and trust to risk opening to our deepest selves, and to greet the deepest selves of others. This is why we need each other. Modern culture tries to keep us locked in a level of individualism and superficiality that leaves us increasingly drained and shrivelled. To swim against this current and dive deep into the waters of intimacy, requires a relentless and yet very, very soft determination – which is so difficult to maintain alone. Again – this is why we need each other.

And so once again, we´d like to invite you to join us for this weekend “How To Be Naked with Your Clothes On”. After many, many years we remain devoted to our own paths of ever-deepening Intimacy with Life, and we will aim to lead by example.


COST – £165 (please ask if you need a concession)

No workshops are currently scheduled

Friday 7.30pm – 10pm,
Saturday 10am – 7pm (but could go on a little later, so please keep your evening flexible)
Sunday 10.30 am – 6.00 pm.

Please bring lunch to share for a´pot luck´ lunch on both days.
Also cushions and rugs to make yourself comfortable,
a journal and pen, and
paper, pens and pencils to draw with.
Also, please wear comfy clothes you can dance in.
(Teas, coffee, water, biscuits provided throughout the weekend.)

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