Initiatory Journey Intro Evenings

On these evenings you will have a chance to explore the fundamental vision and direction of our Men’s Initiatory Journeys-and to draw your own conclusions.

“Is it for me?”
“Does this journey address the questions that still unsettle my heart?”
“Is it deep enough? Does it go far enough for me?”
“Do I resonate with Social Alchemy’s radical approach to Menswork?”
“Does this journey feel like an extension of the journey I am already on – the direction I feel called to travel in?
“How do I feel about Joseph and the other men who are assisting him?”

Come with all of your questions.
Come and meet men from Initiatory Journeys of previous years.
Come and have an experience of the way we’ll be working together on the journey…

The mood will be one of full respect, brotherhood, and shared exploration.

At the moment there is no Initiatory Journey planned in the UK. But once there is, there will be Open Evenings. These evenings will be a chance to meet men who have already walked the path of the Initiatory Journey (and who continue to do so). They will also be a chance to hear what these men feel the journey is about, and what it meant (and still means) to them. There will also be an opportunity to experience the way we’ll be working on the journey – so it won’t be only talking. Please let us know if you’ll be coming. And, of course, you’re very welcome to bring friends along.

The cost for these evenings is £20 – although absolutely no one will be turned away for financial reasons.
Men will not only introduce the focus, concepts and whole orientation of The Initiatory Journey, but also be sharing their own experiences of the Journey and the ways in which it has impacted and changed them personally.

There will also be Open Evenings online. These evenings are for everyone, but especially for those men who live outside Devon.
All you have to do is click on:,24000004 (or paste this link into your browser), and it will take you to a web page where you will see a login box. Simply type in your name in the top box and click OK (Password boxes should be greyed out, but if they are not just click the box next to “I am a moderator” and then they will be). We ask everyone to login a half an hour early, so that we can check everyone’s video and audio settings, and begin on time. Payment is by donation. Simply click on the ‘donation’ button at the bottom of the homepage to make your contribution. Thank you. And again: please let us know if you’d like to take part.

If you would like to talk privately with one of us, or if have any questions at all, please Contact us