The masculine (whether in a man or a woman)
needs to really connect with its essence.
Essence-of-masculine is awesome –
on the one hand it’s still, silent and vast-as-sky,
on the other it’s fierce,
potent and passionate.

But to really unite with the feminine it MUST connect with this essence-of-itself, otherwise it just can’t handle her. It gets lost in its head, disassociates and behaves incoherently – and destructively.

The feminine (whether in a man or a woman) also really needs to connect with its essence. Essence-of-feminine is also awesome – as voluptuous and dangerous as the oceans, and resonant with the deepest mysteries of our dream-lives.

“Dear Elisabeth & Joseph,
Our work with you was life changing for us, and we continue to live out our deepening and challenging journeys in our local community and family. With our hearts reaching out to you we will always be conscious of our open-hearted connection to the wider collective of the evolving masculine and feminine. Thank you both for this.
Dr R & Mrs J Hardwick, UK

Again: to really unite with the masculine it MUST connect with this essence-of-itself, otherwise it will just shrivel back into good-little-girl or rebellious-teenage-girl, disempower itself, collude in one way or another, and betray its most heartfelt knowing.

If we accept this, and engage with our relationships as sacred journeys of mutual empowerment, then they can return us to our deepest masculinity and femininity.

Because this undersanding of relationships is so rare, unfamiliar and difficult, we need to create local community that supports it – in which couples can support each other.

As couples we need community ~ and community needs us. After all, intimate relationship is perhaps the most fundamental and important of all the social structures that sustain community.

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