Community Gatherings


When? Around The Solstices and Equinoxes
Where? Near Totnes, Devon, UK

Community is not bonded by projects – however eco-affirmative they
might be – community is bonded by our seeing and being seen in what
touches us most deeply. We need to gather regularly and honour the
Great Universal Forces – the Masculine and Feminine – of which we are
part, which we represent, which bring us into the world, which we
bring into the world, and with which we weave our worlds.

These gatherings are an invitation to come together in the sacred communication of the mature masculine and mature feminine, to see and feel and love all that we play out in the world, as well as in our personal relationships – from the most exquisite to the most disturbing.

They are an opportunity for women to reclaim their authoritative knowing and calling from the heart, and to express all that has been pushed down for so long – and to stand in the love and beauty they are.

They are an opportunity for men to come into their true power and tender hearts and stand in spiritual dignity, and hear and feel the call of the deep feminine. This is an opportunity for men to experience the possibility of a new, potent, life-honouring masculinity.

At these Quarterly Community Gatherings we dance together, we share, we enter ritual space together, we laugh, we cry…

We eat together, tend friendships, weave community, and nurture
the hope – shared by so many across the world in these powerful, beautiful, painful times we live in – the hope of communities in which both men and women are deeply, deeply honoured for who they are, and the sacred gifts they bring.

Start: Usually arrive: 9:30am for a 10am start
Finish: Usually 6pm for light refreshments and community clearing up.

Please bring:
Food to share for a light lunch and evening refreshments
Cushions or anything else for your personal comfort
Any items you’d like to place on the altars of the archetypal masculine and feminine.

The cost depends on numbers, but should be less than £20 (To cover hire of Hall and expenses)
Any questions about any of this, please get in touch with us.