The Dance of Our Times 2: The Crucifixion of Man (by Joseph)

This is the age of the Crucifixion of Man. Not for Al Kaida Man, not for Jesus-is-the-only-way Man, not for diehard Macho Man, but for the most emotionally sophisticated, mature, open-minded and expressive among us. For us, the modern age presents an excruciatingly personal, apocalyptic choice. The destiny of our souls, and perhaps therefore of the human race, hangs upon this choice. The choice is this: whether, as men, to die, not knowing how, or even whether, we will be reborn – or not.

Die to what? To our lies, to lying to ourselves… Yes, we have a disconnected sexuality. And yes that means a tendency to objectify. And yes objectification is not only abusive of other, but the quintessential seed of all (ALL) our humanitarian and ecological suffering. This truth is carved into the Male Cross. We have inherited a distorted conditioning, it is in us, it is under our skins, it has crawled into our brains. Yes we indulge it and perpetuate it, but we are not to blame for carrying the disease. It is a conditioning inflicted upon us, that the best of us resist mightily, but that we nevertheless inflict upon others, most specifically, upon woman.

To die to our pretences of wholeness, to give up our spiritual posing, to admit that not only has our eroticism been stolen from us, but that vulnerability has been prohibited to us, that the beauty of our male strength has been contaminated by power-over propaganda, and that our expansive spirituality has been stunted by religion and cynicism – these are the truths that we need to let crucify us.

But so much death – even if we long for it – is impossible without community, without tender and unflinching holding, the most profound trust, hard-won self-worth, deep brotherhood, great faith in woman, skill, understanding, the courage to face death before one´s time – and patience, and poetry, and dance, and song!

Together with my wife, Elisabeth, this has been my offering: to share the path of my own (ongoing) crucifixion, and to co-create community in which, as men, we can support the women in their healing, dance together, and be gradually reborn in our power and purpose, in our genuine, exposed vulnerability, in our authentic, passionate eroticism, and in our pathless surrender.

Mark Josephs-Serra.

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