The Journey

Having established the ground
of our enquiry over the weekend, we will embark together
upon an elemental journey – a journey of water, fire,
earth and air, a journey with no destination, but rather
an ever-deepening experience of living together in intimacy.

Intimacy, true intimacy, which can only arise when we are powerful enough to be vulnerable, will be the energy field that holds our journey. In the trust and freedom of intimacy we will be exploring the passionate fires of the Warrior archetype, the aching and tender waters of the Lover archetype, the sacred loving earth of the Mother archetype, and the spacious spiritual air of the Father archetype.

And following on from the previous weekend’s theme of choice, we will be exploring each archetype’s shadow ~ the destructive power of the shadow Warrior, the loss of self of the shadow Lover, the possessiveness and obsessiveness of the shadow Mother, and the disembodiment and authoritarianism of the shadow Father. Feeling into how these energies live within our bodies and hearts, recognising them, discriminating the archetype from its shadow, we will gradually become able to choose to live as the masculine/feminine dignity and beauty we truly are.

Community then becomes a realistic possibility. Able to ‘breath underwater’ in the energy field of intimacy, together, and able to say ‘yes’ to our deepest archetypal belonging, we are equipped to honour the womb-wisdom of the deep feminine and to also honour the action-in-freedom of the deep masculine. This is extremely challenging for our conditioned masculinity/femininity, which are so comfortable in domination and submission, and guilt and blame – but it is our deepest, collective longing.

This is the ambitious intention of The Journey: firstly – to offer the experience of an elemental community energy field of deep intimacy and freedom – so that we all come to know in our bones that a mature masculine and feminine society is a realistic possibility – and secondly: to equip each traveller with all he/she needs to be able to sustain themselves on this ever-deepening journey with no destination.

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