The Map

In this first weekend
Elisabeth and Joseph will share the basic ‘map’
that underpins the work of Social Alchemy.

This is an evolutionary map of the collective unfolding of the masculine and feminine, on which we can all situate our own unique masculine/feminine personalities.

As we come to understand this map – not only intellectually, of course, but in our hearts, and above all, in our bodies – we come to feel how, within us all, at a level deeper than any of the conditioning that has been imposed upon us, our archetypal masculinity and femininity remain beautifully untouched, and ready to be awoken.

The central focus of this weekend will be the theme of ‘choice’. What do we choose, moment to moment – our disturbed, inherited, conditioned masculinity/femininity, or the dignity and beauty of our ancient yet timeless archetypal masculinity/femininity?

To support us in this enquiry we will be working with ‘the destructive triangle’ and ‘the creative triangle’ – these encapsulate the two energy fields that present themselves to us continually – the destructive field we are surrounded by, and that has infiltrated our bodies, hearts and minds, and the creative field we now need to cultivate, that we need to pull up from the core of our beings, and that we need to enshrine at the heart of our relationships and communities.

The masculine has suffered under Patriarchy, just as the feminine has, and both need healing. Both need tender loving care – and so we need to approach this evolutionary task as allies. Going beyond the persecutor/victim paradigm, we need to recognise the power of the feminine heart, and the dignity of true masculine power. And we need to get a ‘taste’ of the energy field that arises when they meet. Only then can we truly choose between the destructive conditioning we have inherited and the beauty we always were – and could live, together, if we became able to choose.

This is the ambitious intention of this weekend: to enable us to recognise the evolutionary choice, and equip us to live it.

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