The Dance of Our Times 1: The Soil of Woman (by Elisabeth)

These exhilarating times we live in are bringing us closer to all of our yearnings for love and freedom, and it is now that we can begin to open and love the doors that have kept us prisoners and grief-stricken and apparently distant from the connection we long for. I, Elisabeth, have been “up the mountains”, and tried to find my freedom by inadvertently turning my back on all that makes me the woman I am today – a woman who loves her bond with the body of the earth, with my soft fleshy body, with the beating heart of my womb – the womb that guides me as I walk through the web of life, listening, feeling, and uncovering the ancient memory of my soul.

I have cried many tears and I have laughed with deep tenderness at the conditioning that intoxicates and distracts my direct experience of the wild tender fierce beauty I am. Since those days “up the mountain” I have entered a profound enquiry and taken many sisters along the path of their own self-discovery of the gift they carry as women, and how to bring it through in this world where this gift is barely surfacing, yet heralding the beginning of a new dance with ourselves and one another. I call this dance The Dance of our Times, the dance of the masculine and the feminine in their authentic expression, the dance that leads us to experience the alchemical creative force of life.

My passion is to re-member all of the faces of woman´s knowing, latent in her cyclicity, in the seasonal and monthly journeys that enable her to step more lovingly, rootedly and confidently into the unknown – following her dreaming and surrendered to her moon-nature. As woman returns to this innate timeless wisdom, becoming intimate with her archetypal/elemental nature (fire/warrior, earth/mother, water/lover, air/shamana), she can transmit the re-connection with the web where all transformation occurs, in all of her relationships.

As woman learns to choose, again and again, to sit close to the Earth, woven into the web of life, the art of dreaming, intuiting, and the force of love in all of its different aspects, become the intelligence that she lives by – and the diverting conditioning in herself and in others becomes like waves that make the surfing of her wisdom a true adventure.

Elisabeth Josephs-Serra

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