The Tao of Relationship

A Journey.
A Community.
A Paradigm Shift.

A Series Of Weekends with Joseph and Elisabeth.

The Tao of Relationship is for
everyone – not just couples.
It is about relationship,
it is about the intimacy we need to live in,
not only as couples,
but as communities.

In his book ‘Intimate Freedom’ Joseph explains how the
same dynamics that affect couples affect cultures.
Couples can live as children, adolescents or adults – and
so can communities. So although the Tao of Relationship is deeply
nourishing and transformative for couples in committed
relationships, it is also open to anyone who shares an
interest in real – really real – relating… it is open to anyone who wants
to live in absolutely authentic, present, vulnerable and
alchemical relationships – not only with their partners,
but with everyone with whom they most deeply share their lives.

In The Tao Of Relationship Joseph and Elisabeth share their
full vision and understanding of the potential of relationship.

They invite you to explore the path of relationship’,
in other words – how relationship itself can become powerful,
dynamic, intimate, erotic, sacred path of self-realisation.
The masculine path and the feminine paths are not the same.
Each must open to their own inherited wounding, find their
own power, and dis-cover their own gifts – and bring it
all into the relationship. Then ‘alchemy’, transformative
magic, happens.It happens organically, effortlessly.
And it changes their experience of life. They come to share
a heightened intimacy, a delight in being alive -awake,
together, in the joy and the pain of The Mystery.
We long for this as couples,
and we long for this as communities.

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A inspiring journey into my soul…i work as a psychotherapist, having done many years of therapy, personal work, workshops etc..
This journey touched my soul more deeply then any therapy i have done, It was here i returned home to myself, and from this place i have touched the essence of my feminine. It is from here i can now begin to meet the masculine and taste the nectar of beauty between us, the intimacy possible. My partner and i have journeyed into our rage, our pain, our love, our wounding. It has been tough at times..yet the community of other couples sharing this journey mirrors the depth of this work and the fullness of heart we share. Joseph and Elisabeth.. Such gratitude, they truly live this work with deep heart and commitment.
Natalie Brooks. Sept 2010