USA Women

We don´t have any programs planned for the USA at the moment.
We´re currently developing projects in Spain (
Here´s some info on the last program we offered in the USA, in 2012.

2012 PROGRAM ~ SUMMER 2012

A brief video introduction by Joseph and Elisabeth:

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There will be three events this summer:

1. THE MAP: 17th-19th August / exploring choice, and discriminating masculine/feminine conditioning from true masculine/feminine power.

2. THE JOURNEY: 20th-24th August / homecoming, brotherhood, sisterhood, community.

3. PARTNERSHIP: 25th-27th August / the pain and potential of intimate

The whole program will take place near Nevada City, California, in August 2012. All three events will all be held in a beautiful natural setting. The program is not residential, but we can help with accommodation…

Please click here to see the poster and here for more detailed information.