Women’s Initiatory Journey

With Elisabeth Josephs-Serra and friends

We don´t have another Initiatory Journey planned for the UK.
At the moment we´re developing projects in Spain (www.alquimiasocial.com)
Here´s some info on the last journey we offered in the UK, in 2013.

In February 2013 I am going to be gathering a group of women to walk together a journey of recovering the dismembered sacred feminine mandala. This Initiatory Journey will be a re-membering of the different faces of the divine feminine that have lain dormant for millennia.

In these times of change
and crisis we are invited more than ever to hear Her calling,
and to gracefully move through the onslaught of
conditioning that paralyses our radiant hearts.

As women we have an affinity with the feminine universal principal, and we are invited to listen and be guided by Her fierce tender message of the heart. This journey will guide women as to how to keep choosing and embracing the ancient-future empowered sacred feminine.

The journey will consist of a series of 7 weekends and one five day retreat, stretching over 9 months. We will be creating individual and personal initiations into maintaining the choice to live as empowered feminine women in the world. The journey will be associated with a Men’s Initiatory Journey, and at some point we will be joining with them.

Through each weekend we will explore specific personal and archetypal themes – Mother (‘The Ground’, Self-Love, relationship with body as woman), The Warrior (anger, power, boundaries, fear), The Lover (sensuality, sexuality, love, vulnerability, feeling textures and how we conduct energy), The Shaman / Priestess (intuition, the empowered feminine and relationship with the sacred). We will be looking into the mirrors of both the pure and distorted archetypes we have inherited through the feminine line. We will learn to see the journey of the feminine from both the individual and the collective perspective. In other words, the enquiry into the personal will be embedded in the collective. We will learn tools and practices to develop choice, to stand in the centre, and to embody the Whole Woman who is able to express and feel all the faces of the feminine that we have been cut off from.

In this time together we will enter our enquiry through tantric dance, creativity and dialogue. Alongside the weekends there will also be experiential ‘home tasks’, and throughout you will be supported by the community of self-initiating women – weaving each other into wholeness once again. If you feel moved to join us, please contact me. There will be places for twenty women (so with me, and four assistants who have travelled this journey in depth, we will be twenty four).

The 2013-2014 weekend and retreat dates are as follows:

February – 8/9/10
April – 5/6/7
May – 3/4/5/
June – 14/15/16
July – 12/13/14
October -11/12/13
November – 8/9/10
Retreat – 17 to the 26th January 2014(residential retreat)

Please contact me for costs and places on future Initiatory Journeys.